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Your Passport to Automated Global Wealth ManagementšŸŒŽ šŸ¦¾

Access wealth-building tools using Plentina Financial's automated, global wealth management roboadvisor that personalizes strategies for your financial success.
Unlock a world of high-quality investments. Plentina Financial offers an automated USĀ SEC-registered wealth advisory designed for immigrants and global diasporas.
With Plentina Financial, you can diversify your investments beyond your home country. Benefit from entire industries that don't yet exist in your home country, while dedicating a portion of your portfolio to support your home country's economy. Automatically.

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with your Wealth Prime membership.

Plentina Wealth Advisory is coming soon in the US. Service features are subject to change.

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Be responsible, automatically.

The path to wealth-building opportunities is through disciplined saving and responsible planning. Plentina Financial makes responsible saving easier by automating an investment plan designed to help you with your financial goals in the US and your home country. Let our alums from Schwab and Google customize an investment plan that you can review before you start your investment journey.

Diversify your investments.

Get access to global securities by opening a Plentina Financial account. You can benefit from growth beyond just one country.

Execute trades in seconds, not days.

Investing back home can take a long time. In many cases, it could take days for your trade to execute, so you could miss opportunities to buy low, or get out of an asset losing value. When trading hours are open, let Plentina Financial's partner USĀ brokerage firm execute your trades as soon as your finger has pressed a button.

No maturity dates years out.
No early withdrawal penalties.

No maturity dates here. Liquidate your assets with our partner USĀ brokerage firm when you'd like, and see that money in your bank account typically within 2-3 business days after withdrawal.

The automated investment robot your grandma never had.

Yes, your grandma was right: real estate can be a nice investment. But let's not put the family's eggs in one basket. It's 2023. Computers can write essays, and it can build sophisticated diversified portfolios from thousands of global investments your grandma never had access to. Our roboadvisor manages your portfolio on sophisticated autopilot.

introducing WEALTHĀ prime

Unlock premium rewards with Wealth Prime

Limited time offer:Ā For those who deposit $10k USD or more, unlock the exclusive Prime advantages:

Personalized portfolio construction through our proprietary robo-advisor*
Fully digital account opening and funding**
Self-directed global trading**
Monthly portfolio statements**
EXCLUSIVE: Pioneer Wealth Members events and lifestyle freebies

* No Minimum Deposit for Roboadvisor Access
** through our partner USĀ brokerage firm